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Boudoir Reimagined: Creating Stunning, Artistic Portraits

What You Can Expect During Your Boudoir Portrait Session

Exceptional Boudoir Portraits

Boudoir approached with an artistic sensibility, ensuring excellent quality and stunning images.

A Comfortable & Professional Photography Studio

A comfortable, professional atmosphere ensuring a relaxed and luxurious experience.

An Unforgettable Boudoir Photoshoot

A relaxed atmosphere where laughter and positivity make your boudoir session a memorable experience.

In my beautiful Louisville Kentucky based boudoir portrait studio, I have redefined boudoir photography. I know boudoir portraits and intimate images can be stunning works of art that feel elevated, classic, and timeless.

I take an artistic approach to boudoir photography.

I intend your experience to be luxurious, comfortable, and memorable while creating one-of-a-kind art you will love forever.

Nude boudoir photo with fabric drape

How To Schedule Your Boudoir Portraits

Start With The Consultation

In studio or via Zoom, We will talk about how you’d like to be photographed, my process, & answer all of your questions.

Select The Date For Your Boudoir Session

At the end of your consultation, we will select the date for your boudoir photoshoot.

Enjoy Your Amazing Photoshoot

We will guide you through everything on the day of your photoshoot. Simply relax, have fun, & become art!

Bethany Fioret

“I also wanted to have portraits that reflect a period in time in which I feel I am at my best self. I am thrilled and thankful to now have these as a personal reminder of this time in my life.”

Sarah Kuper

I saw Ben’s work a while ago and thought to myself, “If I ever have boudoir photos taken – this is the artist who will take them.” Little did I know I would soon be diagnosed with breast cancer. I couldn’t book a consultation fast enough. The portrait experience was comfortable and special, and the photos – wow. Have Ben photograph you. You won’t regret it. You’ll treasure it. (And you’ll look AMAZING)

Awards & Recognitions

Awards and recognitions for Boudoir Photographer Ben Marcum

What To Wear For Boudoir

Boudoir Styling

Fabric Drape

You may imagine boudoir portraits mean lingerie or nudity (whether actual or implied). While lingerie and nude portraits are both very popular options for boudoir portraits, they’re not the only options for your portrait session. You can also incorporate fabric drapery into your session. Portraits featuring draped fabric are one of the most popular styling options in my studio.

Boudoir Styling


When you picture boudoir portraits, you may imagine photos of someone wearing lingerie. Intimate portraits in lingerie are one of the most iconic styles of boudoir photography and for good reason. Simply put, being photographed in intimate apparel can be a bold way to document and celebrate your body. It’s also a classic choice for images you want to share with your partner.

Boudoir Styling


It might surprise you to learn there are many ways to style boudoir portraits. Lingerie boudoir portraits and boudoir nude portraits are both very popular options for boudoir portraits.

But those aren’t the only ways to style a boudoir photo session. Another very popular style of boudoir portrait is the bodyscape or bodyscaping.

Boudoir Styling

Nude Boudoir

The human form has inspired artists for millennia and continues to do so. So it makes sense that many people want to have images of themselves that show their unclothed figure. Boudoir nude images can be intimate and sensual, yes, but they are also a powerful way of celebrating the body you live in.

Boudoir Styling

Robes & Dressing Gowns

A robe, peignoir, or dressing gown may be one of the most underrated and underappreciated garments, in real life and portraits. These simple, loosely fitted pieces have a long and versatile history. They’ve served as a cover-up while dressing, a garment for lounging, and even a casual ‘at-home’ informal dress.

Boudoir Styling

Boudoir Styling Tips

One of the things that stresses people out the most when they schedule a boudoir portrait session is “what am I going to wear?
This may seem a little daunting because, obviously, you want to feel amazing and get absolutely beautiful portraits.

The Cost of Your Boudoir Portrait Session


Individual prints start at


Albums start at


All prints purchased include a web resolution digital file

*KY sales tax is added at time of purchase

What’s Included With My Boudoir Photo Shoot?

Your sitting fee includes pre-session collaboration.

From the time you schedule your session to when you take your portraits home, I am here to help. This includes planning your wardrobe and discussing what kind of images you want and how you’ll be displaying them.

Your sitting fee includes the services of a professional makeup artist

The professional makeup artist will be by your side for the entire session. Your dedicated artist will ensure your look is camera-ready and flawlessly adjusted to suit every clothing change. This luxury service guarantees you look and feel your absolute best from the first shot to the last.

A fully guided photoshoot

I’ll be guiding you through poses,postures, and expressions the entire time. You don’t have to know how to pose or what to do with your hands. I’ve got you covered.

The grand finale

At the end of your photoshoot, we’ll review your images together. You’ll select and purchase only the images you love. I can also help you design displays for your walls.

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