I grew up always admiring the beautiful classic sepia-toned headshots of my grandparents, but it never really dawned on me, until I discovered Ben’s work, that I too could create an amazing heirloom that would be cherished for years to come.  I also wanted to have portraits that reflect a period in time in which I feel I am at my best self.  I am thrilled and thankful to now have these as a personal reminder of this time in my life.

Boudoir portrait on Chaise

It can be very intimidating and nerve-wracking to think about being in front of a camera.  Ben does an excellent job of communicating with you ahead of time on what you can expect from the day of your sitting and how to be fully prepared.  This definitely helped settle my nerves and made me really excited to keep an open mind, be creative, and just have fun.

My favorite part of the sitting was the positive energy that was flowing throughout the day.  Ben does a great job coaching and providing instruction in order to capture the best shot.  It really felt empowering to get out of my comfort zone, knowing the result would be something beautiful.  I would recommend this experience to anyone and everyone.  It is so fun to play dress up and feel like an absolute rock star for a day!

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