One of the things that stresses people out the most when they schedule a boudoir portrait session is “what am I going to wear?
This may seem a little daunting because, obviously, you want to feel amazing and get absolutely beautiful boudoir portraits.
I can help

In this blog, I’m going to offer a couple of suggestions based off of things that people I have photographed have loved.  My intention here is to help spark your imagination and make styling your photoshoot a little easier.  I will not cover every look possible here so If I miss a look that you would be really excited to be photographed in, leave it in the comments below and I may include it in another article.

Lingerie for Boudoir Portraits

I think lingerie is what most people think of right out of the gate when they think of boudoir portraits.
This is a time to wear the pieces that you feel amazing in.

As some pieces are sheer or may be cut in a more reviling way, consider how what you would like to see, or not see in your images.

Consider the Color of Your Lingerie for Boudoir Portraits

Boudoir portrait in black lingerie

Black goes with everything, so you can’t go wrong there. White/cream-colored fabrics are classic. Jewel tones can also look absolutely amazing.

A personal opinion: I tend to recommend not going with bright neon colors. I feel that those colors can pull attention away from you and they take your spot as the focus of the portraits.

Texture on Lingerie for Boudoir

Texture is also a beautiful way to add a little life to your boudoir portraits. A couple of brands that I think do texture beautifully in their lingerie are Simone Perele and the Rya Collection. I am sure there are many many more but these are a couple that I have photographed and think they look great on camera,

Boudoir portrait on Chaise

Do be sure to try on your lingerie several days before your appointment. You don’t want to wait until the night before to find out that something is ill-fitting and then have no time to replace it.

Fabric Drape for Boudoir Portraits

The draped fabric look is simply one of the favorites in the studio.
It looks amazing in seated, standing, and laying down poses.
Draped fabric over the human form has been used in paintings and sculptures for centuries. It adds beautiful soft, flowing lines and texture.
I tend to gravitate towards fabrics that have a bit of a sheen to them. The contrast that’s created between the highlights and the shadows gives the boudoir images depth and life.

boudoir portrait of woman draped in lace fabric

I keep a selection of fabrics in the studio. However, if you know there are colors or textures that you love, it’s worth a stop at your local fabric store.

It should also be noted that beautiful scarves, wraps, and robes can be stunning in drapped looks.

Nude for Boudoir Photo Shoot

While it may not be within everyone’s comfort level, nude is an option for your boudoir portraits. It is an option that has been used in classic art and sculpture for centuries and can be done artistically and tastefully.

Does nude mean you have to show everything? Absolutely not. In many cases, there are ways that we can pose and light you to keep things hidden if you so choose.

Nude Boudoir portrait of a tattooed woman

Hopefully, these ideas were helpful in getting you started at finding styles that you would like for your boudoir portraits. I encourage you to dig a little deeper. Look at art and sculpture. Magazines like Vanity Fair may help inspire you. No matter what, make sure the looks that you decide to go with excite you and that you feel amazing in them.

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